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Alex Montgomery

Alex Montgomery has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit management. She has worked as an attorney representing the under-resourced, led fundraising and operations teams, expanding and managing back office functions and overseeing multi-million dollar facility renovations. As a consultant, she has led small nonprofits through transition and growth, establishing systems, coaching staff and conducting searches for leaders prepared to take nonprofits to the next level. With this experience, as well as her bachelor's degree from Williams College and law degree from University of Chicago, Alex has the analytical skills to solve any problem. 


Alex strongly believes that creating an environment where people thrive results in organizational impact. Her focus is to help people find the intersection of their passion and skill set. When people feel secure in their roles, she turns her attention to the organization’s work flow, ensuring clarity and efficiency in order to maximize impact.


Alex is always looking for ways to think differently. She became a mother through adoption, on her own, and has since developed a strong relationship with her daughter’s birth family. She is constantly reading, travels to Mexico every chance she gets to practice her Spanish, loves Chicago’s improv scene and is currently obsessed with listening to the Harry Potter books alongside her daughter.

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