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Kevin Hooper


Kevin has spent over 15 years supporting and leading organizations at every stage along the developmental cycle, from start-ups by leading a social entrepreneurship initiative at a national non-profit organization, to growth stage organizations by securing growth and sustainability, to maturity stage organizations by restructuring and modernizing systems and improving culture at a 160 year old public school district, and by executing multi-million dollar loan packages on behalf of a global financial institution.


In his capacity as a Chief School Business Official, a Director of Operations & Management, and a Director of School and Social Entrepreneurial Leadership, Kevin has experience leading the financial, human resources, operations, and compliance functions at the system-wide level, but also possesses a layered perspective having also managed the day-to-day responsibilities from the ground-level as both a financial analyst and a 7th grade classroom teacher.  He has led organizations through various degrees of change, most notably by leading a public school district restructuring initiative that created new educational facilities, improved its financial profile, reduced local property taxes, and charted a new course of organizational efficiency.


Kevin graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with a B.A. in Finance and Economics. In 2011, he received his M.A. in Teaching from Dominican University and in 2015, he received his Chief School Business Official endorsement through the Northern Illinois University & IASBO School Business Management program.


Kevin believes that organizations unlock their utmost potential when its leadership, staff and stakeholders lead with their values, candor, and sharp, disciplined focus on the main thing.  Kevin enjoys supporting organizations in identifying key underlying problems and solving them through designing actionable plans, allocating resources efficiently to execute those plans, and utilizing objective data to assess performance along the path towards the main goals.


Kevin was born and raised in Joliet, IL.  His parents were public school educators that taught him through their daily example the critical role that education plays in the life of an individual, the prosperity of a neighborhood, and the progress of a global community.  Kevin enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, gardening and singing along to Broadway musicals with his wife, Amber, and his children, Leo and Dahlia.

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